Keeping Your Baby’s Food Warm While On-The-Go

My daughter is 1, she eats a combination of pureed and finger food. When we eat out, I will prepare homemade baby food for her. I’m typical Asian and I prefer warm food. Therefore, I try to serve my daughter warm food when I can. I keep her food in Zojirushi Stainless Steel Food Jar. I bought a small one (11.8 ounce) from It’s a fantastic product because it keeps food hot for 3-4 hours! I originally bought the Thermos Foogo Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Food Jar. I filled it with boiling hot water, closed the jar and checked in 3 hours, the water became lukewarm… therefore, I returned the product.
Keep in mind that the fuller you fill the jar, the better it retains the heat. I don’t fill up the jar because my daughter eats only 5-6 ounce of food. Therefore, I will warm up the jar first by pouring some hot water into the jar, let it sit for 1 minute, empty the jar, and put food right in. It helps retain the heat of smaller amount of food.

Stokke Tripp Trapp Set On Sale LIMITED TIME ONLY!

The Stokke Tripp Trapp set is on sale at Nordstrom for only USD $307.90! The set includes the following:
– High Chair
– Baby Set
– Cushion
– Tray

Direct link to Nordstorm:

You can typically get this set from Bed Bath & Beyond and other online retailers for USD$349. But they usually offer boring colors like Walnut and Natural, maybe Aqua Blue from some smaller retailers. offers Lava Orange and Wheat Yellow; I personally like both colors. I was at Nordstrom Store this morning and saw that the Hazel Grey is also on sale! Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale ends on August 6, 2017. So, act now if you are planning to get a Tripp Trapp for your baby!

A side note: Unlike some online retailers, you will most likely need to pay sales tax when making a purchase at (Nordstrom collects sales tax for orders shipped to 40+ states). You may end up paying USD$10 less… however, if you do not need the cushion or tray, sell it on Ebay and get some money back!

A Multipurpose Blanket

I’d learnt swaddling in class before my baby was born as well as during our stay in the hospital. However, I never got it right. My daughter escaped from the swaddle since she was one week old. I guess she didn’t like to be swaddled. Anyhow, I bought swaddling blankets, just to be prepared. I bought the Silky Soft Swaddles from Aden + Anais. These super soft swaddling blankets were made with bamboo. Since I didn’t swaddle my daughter much, I’d used it as a nap time blanket. They were thin and breathable, which made it perfect for summer and early fall weather. Since I kept the heater on all the time, I’d used it during winter time as well. These thin swaddles will not overheat your baby. I personally prefer the silky soft ones over the classic swaddles because they are much softer. I’d also used the swaddles as a tummy time blanket and car seat cover as suggested, it was great! I’d tried using it as a nursing cover; it didn’t work for me because I need to see my baby while nursing, I would recommend the Bebe Au Lait Nursing Scarf for nursing.

Target and Toys’R’Us sell Aden by Aden + Anais Swaddles at a lower price. These are a bit smaller in size (44” instead of 47”). I personally think these are not as soft, even the Bamboo Swaddleplus. However, some of their designs are very cute.

Aden + Anais are widely available, including my favorite online retailer However, look for discounts at Nordstrom or Shipping is always free at Nordstrom, however, there are less designs to choose from.

Keep Your Baby Away From Germs

I didn’t buy a travel dining chair for my daughter because there’s no more room in my trunk. Instead, I bought a high chair cover from Skip Hop. In fact, it’s a 2-in-1 Shopping Cart/ High Chair Cover. It fits better on a shopping cart. Anyhow, I think it is a great buy because it’s multi-functional, machine washable, and it folds compactly. It keeps my baby away from those high chairs and shopping carts that have never been cleaned. I think I will continue to use it until she stops licking the cart and chair. I did run into restaurants with no high chairs but boosters.. It doesn’t happen often, maybe once or twice, I would simply avoid going there again…

You can get this Skip Hop 2-in-1 Shopping Cart/ High Chair Cover from Amazon for USD $19.99. Please note that this cover does not fit on the Costco’s shopping cart.  I’m fine with it because I go to Costco no more than once per month.

Nursing Pillow- An Essential Item for Nursing Mothers

If you plan to nurse, you may want to buy a nursing pillow instead of using regular pillows. I personally find it much more comfortable using a nursing pillow than regular pillows when nursing. Though many people recommend My Brest Friend, I chose the Boppy Nursing Pillow instead, because I could use it to prop up and assist with sitting when my daughter was ready. Besides using it when nursing, my daughter now lays on the pillow when she takes a bottle on her own.

Beside a nursing pillow, I also think that it may be a good idea to invest on a glider if you plan to breastfeed full-time. You will be spending a lot of time on this task, therefore, making yourself comfortable is important. It contributes to the overall success of breastfeeding, in my opinion. I didn’t get a super expensive one, all I got was a USD $300 Babyletto Bento Glider. Though some users said the glider is too small and you cannot lay back fully because the back of the chair is too low, this glider has been working out for me. I guess I do not want to lay back fully because I don’t want to fall asleep while nursing…

High Quality Baby Teething Toy

I pay special attention to what goes into my daughter mouth. Therefore, I was really picky when I was shopping for teethers. I was looking for medical grade silicone teethers that were made in the USA. I bought her the Lifefactory Silicone Teether and SweeTooth Baby Teether. Both were made in the USA with medical grade silicone and are available at You can also find Lifefactory at The Whole Foods. The Lifefactory teething rings are soft and light, so it’s easier for younger babies to hold. The SweeTooth is really cute, like an ice-cream cone. And it is scented. My daughter likes both, however, she puts anything into her mouth; toys, books, strings and straps, my clothes, her crib…just to name a few. I kind of gave up and just redirect her to chew on her teething toys.

Besides the silicone teethers, I also bought a wooden alphabet teether from Smiling Tree Toys. I picked my daughter’s first initial and personalized it with her name. Honestly, I bought this piece mainly because it is cute, and it was more of a keepsake than a teether. It was made in the USA with maple hardwood. It gives my daughter a different texture besides silicone, plastic, and fabric… LOL. I also bought their blooks. These are great teethers and building toys. My daughter loves to chew on and bang them. You can buy these from or

Disposable Underpads Make Your Life Easier!

Young infants like to pee while you change their diaper, at least my daughter was when she was younger. Imagine when you have to change the sheet every time when your Little One pee while getting changed, how many sheets do you need to wash and how many sheets/ liners do you need to buy?!? I use disposable underpads on top of the sheet, so I just throw the underpad away if my daughter makes a mess on the changing table. There is no need to buy disposable changing pads made especially for babies, just buy the ones for adults (size Small, 17” X 24”). These are waterproof, it works perfectly! And these are cheaper comparing to the ones made for babies. You can get it from at about USD $12 for 100 sheets. The ones for babies are almost tripled the price! I use these when I’m on-the-go, too. I place the disposable underpad on the changing surface and put my changing mat on top of it. This way, I don’t need to wash the changing mat every time I’ve used it in a public changing surface. I’m sorry, my husband is germaphobic, and so do I.


Keep your Baby Away from Diaper Rash

When I attended a caring for newborn class before my daughter was born, the instructor said there is no need to apply diaper rash cream or anything else at every diaper change. She said if the baby has diaper rash, zinc oxide would be the best cure. Therefore, I bought the Desitin Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Paste, which consists of 40% zinc oxide, just in case my daughter needs it. I’d used it one time for a very minor redness on her bottom. The smell of the paste is VERY STRONG that I couldn’t stand, so I bought the regular cream that consists of 13% zine oxide. It is much lighter than the Maximum Strength. However, I ended up purchasing the Babo Botanicals Soothing Diaper Cream at Ingredients contained in this cream are all safe, according to, and it smells good, just like their Oatmeal Calendula lotion. I put them on my baby’s bottom at the diaper change before bed time, when she’s expected to be in the same diaper for 8-10 hours to prevent rashes. It’s been working well so far.

Stokke Tripp Trapp On Sale!!!

Stokke Tripp Trapp is on sale at for USD $199! Though it’s limited to 3 colors ( Walnut, White, and Aqua), it is a true deal because I’ve never seen this item going on sale, unless you get the entire bundle with the Baby Set and cushion, then you get a little bit of a price break. You can also earn bonus rewards of USD $29.95 on this item for  future purchases on

Shipping is free on this chair. If you live in California like I do, there’s no sales tax! Act now! This is a one-day deal and it will end at the end of today, 7/10/2017.

Storing Baby Food Safely

I’m a breastfeeding mom. Breast milk is the best food for babies, I don’t need to elaborate more on that. Nursing also saves you time, because you don’t need to wash and sterilize bottles. However, I pump as well, just in case i need to go out with friends for dinner, my daughter doesn’t need to go on formula. Therefore, I use Nuk Seal N Go Breast Milk Storage Bags. I’ve tried quite a few brands: Ameda Store N Pour Milk Storage Bags, Lansinoh Milk Storage Bags, Medela Pump And Save Bags, and Philips Avent Breast Milk Storage Bags. In my opinion, Nuk is the best because:

  • It holds up to 6 oz. of milk. I sometimes store 7 oz. and it is fine.
  • It was made in the USA, others were made in Malaysia or so.
  • It is the cheapest among other brands. I got them from for USD $9.99.

Though BPA-Free, plastic is not the best option when storing and warming milk. However, I have to deal with reality that there’s not enough room in my freezer for so much frozen milk. Also, I cannot buy that many jars. There is a not-so-cool thing about the Nuk milk bags, it was really hard to write directly on the bag to date the milk. So, I put some tape on the bag and write on it. It works perfectly fine.

Besides breast milk, my daughter also eats solid food. I give her homemade solid food as often as I can. I can’t really make meals daily because you have no time to do so when you have light sleeper, and it’s hard to make one meal because they eat so little. So, we make a few meals and freeze it. I first bought the Sage Spoonful 2 oz. Glass Jar. These freezer-safe jars were made in the USA with BPA free materials. The jar actually holds 4 oz., but has measurements up to 2 oz. I used these to store frozen fruits and vegetables puree; it worked well. Do not fill the jar fully if you are going to put it in the freezer. Also, do not steam food in the jar directly when you just take them out from the freezer, the jar will crack. I use these jars to serve food when I’m on the go; the lids keep the mess contained.

When my daughter began to eat more solids, including meat, I bought the Beaba Silicone Multiportions Baby Food Trays. I bought the 7 individual 2 oz. servings from, which I think it’s been discontinued because no longer sells them. These were made in France. You can get the 3 oz. and 5 oz. trays from Nordstrom also sells the 3 oz. trays. Please note that the 3 oz. and 5 oz. trays were made in Italy, which is also not bad, I think. Silicone is believed to be a safer material when compared to plastic. Food pops out easily as stated, there’s no need to defrost the food before heating. It works well for me so far.