Welcome to Coolmamapicks.com!

As a first-time mother, I did research on many things I bought for my daughter because I have no knowledge on baby items. Product reviews can be long and boring, and sometimes difficult to understand. I hope my personal opinion on products and information provided on this website can make you choose the right product!

My recommendations are based on a combination of product reviews, consumers’ reviews, and my personal experience with the product. I usually will consider the following:

  • Quality- I need something durable.
  • Safety- I need something safe for my baby
  • Country of origin- Preferably USA, Canada, or other European countries.
  • Functionality- I need something user-friendly.
  • Affordability- I’m a full-time mom, so I do have a budget.

I hope you will find information on this website useful when making a selection for your little one. Thanks for looking and good luck!