Are Baby Walkers and Exersaucers Helpful or Harmful to Your Child?

I do not believe in baby walkers nor exersaucers, because typically developed babies learn how to walk naturally. In fact, research suggests that these tools do not help babies learn to walk. Prolonged use of  an exersaucer actually does harm to babies’ developing legs. California Community Care Licensing already banned the use of exersaucers in child care facilities years ago. I’m not writing about walkers nor exersaucers, this is about a tool I recently saw online: Willa Walker, . It’s a tool that helps parents in assisting their toddlers to walk without bending their backs. It’s a very simple tool; a rod with two straps tided on each end, and a ring hooked to the other end of each strap for toddlers to hold when walking. It saves parents from bending their backs when holding their toddler’s hand while walking. It is not cheap; pre-sale at USD $29. I thought it was a smart tool and told my husband about it. However, he questioned, what if the child lets go and falls? That’s true, if you want to prevent your child from falling, I don’t think this is the right product for you. As I’m thinking whether or not I need something similar to save my back; if I believe that babies learn to walk naturally and on their own timeline, I don’t even need to hold my baby’s hand when she learns to walk, just let her fall, get up, and walk again!