Choose a stroller (or two) for your baby


When I was shopping for a full-size stroller, these were the brands/ models I had in mind:

  • Nuna Mixx
  • Stokke Scoot
  • Uppababy Cruz

These are all priced at the mid-range (approximately USD$500), safe, and stylish strollers. All three are similar in terms of functionality, except that Stokke Scoot has a strap recline and doesn’t have the bumper bar option (at least when I bought mine in 2016). I ended up picking the Uppababy Cruz because:

  • The Uppababy cruz is slightly lighter than the other two
  • The back wheels of the Uppababy Cruz is smaller, so it appears to be less bulky.

All three strollers are considered full-sized strollers that offer full recline, a foot rest, and a fairly large basket for storage, so they are NOT compact as advertised. And I personally think it’s not easy to fold my Cruz when the seat is attached to the frame (I’m 5’4” and 115 lbs). It’s easier for me to separate the seat from the frame when stored in my trunk; and it pretty much occupies the entire trunk (I drive a Mercedes C300). It is easy attaching the seat to the frame. I do recommend the Cruz. If you are  looking for a double stroller, you may consider the Uppababy Vista. It comes with a bassinet, which I do not need, and it has the capability of expanding into a double stroller. Of course, it’s bulkier because it’s made for two kids, and the price is almost doubled (around USD$900).

If you are looking for a travel stroller, I recommend the GB Pockit.

GB Pockit claims to be the smallest stroller in the world. I’m not 100% sure about that, but it is a very small when folded. It is lightweight, too. I was choosing between this and the Peg Perego Pliko Mini, which was made in Italy. It offers full recline and a foot rest, making it comfortable for your little one. However, I chose the GB Pockit, mainly because I already own an Uppababy Cruz, I need something truly compact for travel. I’ve used it when I brought my baby to the City, it was GREAT! It was super light and very easy to fold, which makes it easy to go on public transit or into restaurants. Please note that it requires two hands to fold the GB Pockit, if you travel alone, it can be a problem. You can get this stroller from for only USD $149. Free shipping and sales tax applies only to NY State residents.

(Nuna Mixx vs Stokke Scoot vs Uppababy Cruz)