Disposable Underpads Make Your Life Easier!

Young infants like to pee while you change their diaper, at least my daughter was when she was younger. Imagine when you have to change the sheet every time when your Little One pee while getting changed, how many sheets do you need to wash and how many sheets/ liners do you need to buy?!? I use disposable underpads on top of the sheet, so I just throw the underpad away if my daughter makes a mess on the changing table. There is no need to buy disposable changing pads made especially for babies, just buy the ones for adults (size Small, 17” X 24”). These are waterproof, it works perfectly! And these are cheaper comparing to the ones made for babies. You can get it from Amazon.com at about USD $12 for 100 sheets. The ones for babies are almost tripled the price! I use these when I’m on-the-go, too. I place the disposable underpad on the changing surface and put my changing mat on top of it. This way, I don’t need to wash the changing mat every time I’ve used it in a public changing surface. I’m sorry, my husband is germaphobic, and so do I.