Do you really need a playpen?

Although we do not want unnecessary items to occupy our limited living space, I’d decided to buy a playpen for my daughter because we want her to sleep with us in our room, at least for the first month or so, and the mobility of a playpen makes this easy. In fact, she is almost 10 months now, and she is still sleeping in the playpen in our room.

At first, I was looking at the Nuna Sena Mini, which is a smaller version of the Nuna Sena that can accommodate children up to 18 months. I do not think a walking child will stay in a playpen, therefore, there’s no need to buy the big one. Just like most playpens in the market do, the Sena can be converted to a bassinet for newborns. It’s fairly priced at USD $199. I was going to buy it, until I saw the Guava Family Lotus Crib with the bassinet kit. It is slightly bigger, however, I like that there’s a side zipper that allows a child to crawl in and out. I’m planning to use this as a play space in the living room by putting a blanket or two on top of it to make it an enclosed area, like a teepee tent. I will post an update when I’m actually using it at such capacity. In fact, I just checked and found out that they have a new accessory, Fun Shade, which provides coverage for the playpen. I”m just not going to spend another USD $36.95 when a large blanket may do the same job.

Anyhow, both the bassinet and playpen work very well so far. It’is easy to assemble. It is also small and light enough for travelling. I do want to point out that the rocking function of the bassinet didn’t work for me, because my daughter didn’t like it when she was a young infant.

The Lotus Crib with the bassinet kit costs USD $299. Their sheets are expensive (USD $20 each), and the sizes are not standard sizes, so you have to buy their sheets. I bought one sheet and asked my Mother-In-Law to make a few extras. She is a superb seamstress!