French Made Spoons for Babies

I didn’t do research on my daughter’s first spoons; my sister-in-law bought it in Hong Kong. It was Nuk Soft Bite Spoons  made out of silicone, BPA free, and made in France. The flexibility of the material makes feeding easier. When I was looking to buy these here in the States, just to have two more as spare, I couldn’t even find silicone feeding spoons that were made in USA. All were made in China, even the ones from Beaba. Anyhow, I finally found the Nuk ones I have on, (sold by individual seller), and I ended up buying it on, sold by Baby Earth, for $8.90 a pair (includes shipping).

The Nuk spoons are great, but they are not good for traveling because there’s no travel case. A case it quite helpful because it keeps things neat and clean. Using a napkin to wrap a dirty spoon doesn’t work well for me. Therefore, I bought the Oxo Tot On-The-Go Feeding Spoon for eating out. The spoon is not as good as the Nuk ones in terms of feeding, because it is a stainless steel spoon wrapped with silicone, so the spoon does not bend while feeding. However, cleanliness is more important for me when I’m on-the-go, so this is fine.