Gentle Lotion for Babies

After reading, I picked the Babo Botanicals Oatmeal Calendula Moisturizing Baby Lotion. When my baby was about 6 months old, she had red and itchy rashes on her thighs; she had made it worse when she scratched. I sent pictures to our pediatrician, he said it was eczema. It wasn’t too serious of a case, therefore he prescribed no medication, he said to keep her skin moist and avoid daily baths because it will dry out her skin. I was consistent in putting the Babo Botanicals Lotion on her skin, the rashes went away in a few days. So, I recommend this product. I’ve also tried the Acure Organics Bare Baby Lotion, which is also recommended by, I do not like the smell. Though the lotion is fragrance-free, it does contain the smell of the ingredients. The Acure Organics All Better Balm is something that I would recommend for applying on the face. It works like Aquaphor, but it is USDA certified organic, therefore I felt much more comfortable when putting it on my daughter’s face, because she may eat it.

You can purchase the Babo Botanicals Oatmeal Calendula Moisturizing Baby Lotion from; where I found it to be the cheapest. Acure Organics All Better Balm are harder to find online, I purchased my last tube from Whole Foods Market used to carry both products, but they no longer do.