High Quality Baby Teething Toy

I pay special attention to what goes into my daughter mouth. Therefore, I was really picky when I was shopping for teethers. I was looking for medical grade silicone teethers that were made in the USA. I bought her the Lifefactory Silicone Teether and SweeTooth Baby Teether. Both were made in the USA with medical grade silicone and are available at Amazon.com. You can also find Lifefactory at The Whole Foods. The Lifefactory teething rings are soft and light, so it’s easier for younger babies to hold. The SweeTooth is really cute, like an ice-cream cone. And it is scented. My daughter likes both, however, she puts anything into her mouth; toys, books, strings and straps, my clothes, her crib…just to name a few. I kind of gave up and just redirect her to chew on her teething toys.

Besides the silicone teethers, I also bought a wooden alphabet teether from Smiling Tree Toys. I picked my daughter’s first initial and personalized it with her name. Honestly, I bought this piece mainly because it is cute, and it was more of a keepsake than a teether. It was made in the USA with maple hardwood. It gives my daughter a different texture besides silicone, plastic, and fabric… LOL. I also bought their blooks. These are great teethers and building toys. My daughter loves to chew on and bang them. You can buy these from Smilingtreetoys.com or Etsy.com.