Keep your Baby Away from Diaper Rash

When I attended a caring for newborn class before my daughter was born, the instructor said there is no need to apply diaper rash cream or anything else at every diaper change. She said if the baby has diaper rash, zinc oxide would be the best cure. Therefore, I bought the Desitin Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Paste, which consists of 40% zinc oxide, just in case my daughter needs it. I’d used it one time for a very minor redness on her bottom. The smell of the paste is VERY STRONG that I couldn’t stand, so I bought the regular cream that consists of 13% zine oxide. It is much lighter than the Maximum Strength. However, I ended up purchasing the Babo Botanicals Soothing Diaper Cream at Ingredients contained in this cream are all safe, according to, and it smells good, just like their Oatmeal Calendula lotion. I put them on my baby’s bottom at the diaper change before bed time, when she’s expected to be in the same diaper for 8-10 hours to prevent rashes. It’s been working well so far.